Arrow Aer-Aid

Arrow Aer-Aid

The SISIS Arrow Aer-Aid is an independently powered vertical action air injection aerator for sports field maintenance, grass lawns and amenities. It can be used for maintaining football, rugby and soccer pitches, cricket pitches, golf courses, lawns and gardens.

Effective aeration improves drainage, reduces turf compacting, thatch build up and boosts the health of lawns and the Arrow Aer-Aid is an ideal tool for excellent lawn treatment.

It has a working width of 600mm, variable tine spacing and vibration reducing handles to ensure outstanding lawn care when aeration is needed.

60cm wide independently powered vertical action air injection aerator
  • Working width 600mm.
  • Wide range of interchangeable tines.
  • Up to 12.5cm (5ins) working depth.
  • Variable tine spacing.
  • Minimal surface disturbance.
  • Powerful 13hp engine.
  • Assisted lift for easy operation.
  • Independent disengagement of tine drive.
  • Vibration reducing handles.
  • Quality British made Compair compressor.
Arrow Aer-Aid Optional Items

Arrow Aer-Aid Optional Items

Optional tines see Arrow.

Optional Arrow Aer-Aid tines are listed below as Arrow

Dennis Mowers