Cricket Ground Maintenance Tips

To support groundsmen, the following cricket grounds maintenance calendar has been supplied courtesy of Pitchcare.

This calendar should be used as a guide only.

Rolling and Outfields

February Maintenance

Following a wet winter and storms badly affecting many grounds, it is now time to regularly brush the square to lift the sward, keeping it upright to help dry the plant and reduce disease.
Pre Season Rolling

March Maintenance

It is now time to start pre-season rolling, although you may already have gotten your regime underway.
Planning your pitch requirements

May Maintenance

Hopefully you have already conducted a soil analysis of your soil profile enabling you to find out the nutrient status you are working with. This can assist your decisions about what fertiliser to to buy and use. You now want to be applynig a spring/summer fertiliser to bost top growth - remember to use manufacturer's recommended rates.

June Maintenance

You should now be into the full swing of pitch preparations, mowing and marking. Follow the 10-12 day guidelines to try to produce a consistent wicket that generates fast medium pace. Get your lines accurate and straight. Begin the month by irrigating the square well - if you haven't done so already.
After Care of the Wicket

August Maintenance

You will need to continue regularly mowing and scarifying pitches throughout August as you prepare pitches, so make sure your machinery is properly serviced and up to the job.
Pitch Preparation

September Maintenance

September can be the busiest time for some groundsmen. Those who have a few weeks left of their season will be busy planning end of season activities, whilst others will be turning their attentions to more important issues such as end of season renovations.
Soil Analysis

October Maintenance

This is the time when your irrigation system proves its worth for the majority who are in the midst of end of season renovations, as moisture retention in the soil is vitally important for seed germination. Indeed, many Groundsmen are seeing their seed come up within seven days.
Pest & Diseases

November Maintenance

As summer time ends and winter begins, renovation programmes on cricket squares should by now have been completed. With the north of England and Scotland suffering from high winds and low pressure systems, the Midlands and Southern parts are basking in warm day time temperatures, which, continuing into October has certainly helped in getting germination on the square.
Brushing and Sarrel Rolling

December Maintenance

Winter is an ideal time for getting many repairs to the ground completed. Scoreboards, practice net posts and fences around the ground can be repaired, painted or stained. Depending on ground conditions, some clubs may be able to complete drainage or reconstruction works during the winter months.

January Maintenance

Your key tasks after a well deserved Christmas break is to remove any surface debris from the square such as leaves and litter. Get rid of it all as the sward won't survive if it is denied access to the light.
Dennis Mowers