The SISIS Dart is an independently powered vertical action aerator ideal for sports field maintenance as well as grass lawns and amenities. It is ideal for maintenance as a bowling green aerator and a cricket aerator.

Aeration is crucial for improving drainage, reducing turf compacting, thatch build up and increasing the health of lawns and the Dart is an ideal tool for outstanding turf and lawn treatment.

It has a maximum working depth of 100mm (4 inches), a wide range of interchangeable tines and is designed to be easy to handle.

6.5hp vertical action aerator. Less tines
  • Working depth of 100mm (4 ins) max.
  • Wide range of interchangeable tines.
  • Clean, vertical penetration and withdrawal without surface disturbance.
  • All controls, including balanced depth control, adjustable from operating position.
  • “Easy lift” system for effortless turning and transport
  • Designed for ease of handling.
  • Minimal maintenance with sealed bearings and easily removed cover.
  • Effortless depth selection with clearly visible indicator.
  • 100mm depth with minimal surface disturbance.
Dart Optional Items

Dart Optional Items

Swath Board.

An all-new pedestrian scarifier will be launched at IOG Saltex 2013 - but details are under wraps for the moment...

SISIS To Showcase Three New Products At IOG Saltex

SISIS are to showcase three new products at the 2013 IOG Saltex show, which is always a key event for groundcare professionals. A new pedestrian scarifier will be launched along with two redesigned products, the SISIS Dart pedestrian aerator and SISIS TM1000 tractor mounted scarifier.
SISIS Dart proves a hit for bowls club

SISIS Dart proves a hit for bowls club

The SISIS Dart is hitting the bullseye at Goodwood Bowls Club in Leicester. Purchased at the end of 2010 to replace an older aerator that was so cumbersome the greenkeepers were reluctant to use it, the Dart’s ease of handling and vertical action have proved highly popular.

"The Dart does a great job in renovating and preparing the green. SISIS have been very good to work with and provided us with excellent service. All in all we are extremely pleased with the Dart."

Tony Taylor - Greenkeeper - Goodwood Bowls Club
Dennis Mowers