Multitiner 1.8m

Multitiner 1.8m

The SISIS Multitiner 1.8m is a tractor mounted drum-type aerator for fine turf which is ideally suited to a range of applications from sports field maintenance lawns and amenities. It can be used for maintaining cricket pitches, golf courses, lawns and gardens.

Aeration is important to improve drainage, reduce turf compacting, thatch build up and boost the health of lawns and the Multitiner 1.8m will serve your aeration needs to provide top class lawn treatment.

It has three drums with independent rotation and is low maintenance, its interchangeable tines with a maximum depth of 100mm ensuring excellent lawn care when the time comes to aerate.

Ideal for

Suitable for Football, Hockey and Rugby Suitable for Cricket Suitable for Golf Suitable for Local Authority Suitable for Contractors

Multitiner 1.8m Specifications

Model:   Multitiner 1.8m

Code:   FS1179

Action:   Drum type

Working width:   1800mm (72")

Max working depth:   100mm (4")

Tractor power requirement:   35hp minimum

Unit includes rollers, but not tines

Multitiner 1.8m Features & Benefits

  • Three drums with independent rotation.
  • Choice of interchangeable tines with a maximum working depth of 100mm (4ins).
  • Quick release pins and clips for rapid tine change.
  • Standard cat. 1, 3-point linkage for use on most compact tractors.
  • Simple design for low maintenance.
  • Guards are easily removed.
  • Roller, fitted as standard can be used for extra weight in hard conditions.
  • Tractor power requirement - 30hp minimum.

Optional Items

Multitiner 1.8m Optional Items

100mm solid tine SETX120-D6728
100mm chisel tine SETX120-D2109
76mm hollow tine SETX120-D2048
115mm jumbo hollow tine SETX120-F35967
76mm pencil tine SETX120-D2047


Keith Kent - Head Groundsman - RFU Twickenham

"I was amazed at just how good a job the multitiner did when I first saw it. If clubs can keep their pitches aerated using this machine on a regular basis then their pitches will improve and help to keep the surface playable all season long."

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