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SISIS can provide all the machines you need to ensure your amenity or ornamental lawn is in perfect condition



Billy Gillett - Chargehand Greenkeeper - Chesterfield Borough Council

"As well as ensuring minimal surface disturbance, speed of operation was also a key requirement when selecting the Arrow over other products."

Bill Clutterbuck - Head Groundsman - Guildford Cricket Club & Surrey CCC Outground

"I've used a Sisis scarifier for three years in the preparation and maintenance of the county wickets at Guildford CC and find it a fantastically powerful tool for mid season repairs and scarification."

Kevin Whorley - Head Groundsman - Ashville College

"We use the Varibrush to remove the early morning dew, stand grasses up prior to cutting and aid with the presentation of the college sports grounds and lawns."

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A small selection of our clients are detailed below:

Caerphilly Borough Council Supaturfman
London Borough Tower of Hamlets Arrow Aer-Aid
Coedffrac Community Council Rotorake 602
Sunderland City Council Various Machines
Chesterfield Borough Council Arrow
Thurrock Borough Council / Kent Fleet Autoslit, Autospred, Dart & Supaturfman


Built with experience.....

The SISIS reputation began in 1932 and has grown ever since. Our reputation is built not only on the quality of our products and high level of customer service but also on our customer focused approach to everything we set out to achieve.

Access to all the information you need....

The SISIS website is a constantly evolving source of useful and practical information for SISIS equipment users. You can watch videos of machines in action, learn valuable tips about turf maintenance and download operating manuals on all products at your convenience- any time, any day.

Team SISIS.....

An experienced team of dedicated professionals and a carefully selected network of dealerships are on hand to ensure customers receive first class support including machine service, spare parts, technical support and product demonstrations.
Whatever you need, Team SISIS will always be there to help.

Next day spare parts....

At SISIS we understand the importance of reducing machine downtime so we carry a vast stock of spares.

Sharing Knowledge with experts.....

The SISIS seminars are popular events attracting large number of delegates all benefitting from authoritative product demonstrations and guest speakers talking about closely related areas of interest. The seminars provide a unique opportunity to share experiences and best practice.

SISIS Worldwide....

We don’t just have the privilege of supplying groundcare equipment to sporting venues in Britain. We also supply around the world, proud of our quality and craftsmanship.



SISIS Tractor Mounted Sweepers for Golf Courses and Sports Pitches.

Designed for large areas such as golf courses and sports pitches whether it is following scarifying, collecting cores or simply collecting leaves or litter.

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