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The SISIS range offers all the tools you need for effective football ground maintenance, rugby pitch maintenance and hockey pitch maintenance - from aerators and scarifiers to line markers and brushes.



Bob Streeton - Head Groundsman - Massey Ferguson Sports Club

"The Maxislit I have will last 20 years as it's so well made. I have enjoyed an excellent relationship with SISIS over the years and know I can rely on them for parts, sevice and support."

Keith Kent - Head Groundsman - RFU Twickenham

"I was amazed at just how good a job the multitiner did when I first saw it. If clubs can keep their pitches aerated using this machine on a regular basis then their pitches will improve and help to keep the surface playable all season long."

Keith Kent - Head Groundsman - RFU Twickenham

"With the ability to use 4 implements at any one time the Quadraplay allows a club to carry out a number of key maintenance tasks on their pitch. A must for all clubs looking to improve the playing surface of their pitch going forward.”

Jim Dawson – Head Groundsman – S.R.U Murrayfield

“I use the Quadraplay regularly in my maintenance programme. Four operations can be carried out saving time and labour with grooming, light rolling, brushing and surface aeration helping to produce a great finish.”

David Murphy - Director - Delta Irrigation

"The Powaspred has been the preferred choice of the General Presidency of Youth Welfare in Saudi Arabia for use on their soccer fields for many years because of its durability and versatility."

Jim Dawson - Head Groundsman - SRU, Murrayfield

"I use the Litamina all year round for sweeping and collecting grass clippings, thatch, cores and litter. It is easy to use and set up and leaves a great finish."

Principality Stadium relies on SISIS

When Cardiff’s Principality Stadium installed a 3G synthetic surface to the surround of the pitch, head groundsman Lee Evans knew there was only one company he would turn to when it came to maintaining the surface.

Derby County Groundsman Praises SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid

Derby County head groundsman Nathan Scarff has praised the SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid 1500 tractor mounted aerator for all-year-round use to keep the playing surface at the iPro Stadium in peak condition.

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A small selection of our clients are detailed below:

Manchester City Football Club Litamina 1200
Manchester United Football Club Javelin Aer-Aid
Leicester City Football Club Javelin Aer-Aid & Litamina 1200
Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club Multitiner 1.2m
Tonmawr Rugby Football Club Powaspred
Massey Ferguson Sports Club Maxislit

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Built with experience.....

The SISIS reputation began in 1932 and has grown ever since. Our reputation is built not only on the quality of our products and high level of customer service but also on our customer focused approach to everything we set out to achieve.

Access to all the information you need....

The SISIS website is a constantly evolving source of useful and practical information for SISIS equipment users. You can watch videos of machines in action, learn valuable tips about turf maintenance and download operating manuals on all products at your convenience- any time, any day.

Team SISIS.....

An experienced team of dedicated professionals and a carefully selected network of dealerships are on hand to ensure customers receive first class support including machine service, spare parts, technical support and product demonstrations.
Whatever you need, Team SISIS will always be there to help.

Next day spare parts....

At SISIS we understand the importance of reducing machine downtime so we carry a vast stock of spares.

Sharing Knowledge with experts.....

The SISIS seminars are popular events attracting large number of delegates all benefitting from authoritative product demonstrations and guest speakers talking about closely related areas of interest. The seminars provide a unique opportunity to share experiences and best practice.

SISIS Worldwide....

We don’t just have the privilege of supplying groundcare equipment to sporting venues in Britain. We also supply around the world, proud of our quality and craftsmanship.



Derby County Football Club Head Groundsman praises SISIS turf maintenance equipment

Nathan Scarff, Head Groundsman at the iPro Stadium, home of Derby County Football Club praises the SISIS Variseeder, SISIS Twin Play and SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid that he uses for turf maintenance.


SISIS Veemo MK2 Tractor Mounted Scarifier

A purpose designed, triple mounted scarifier for maximum thatch removal removal with minimal surface disturbance.
Ideal for golf fairways or large sports areas


SISIS Tractor Mounted Sweepers for Golf Courses and Sports Pitches.

Designed for large areas such as golf courses and sports pitches whether it is following scarifying, collecting cores or simply collecting leaves or litter.


SISIS Flexibrush - Delivering an outstanding finish

The SISIS Flexibrush has been designed for fast effective brushing on golf courses and sports fields.


SISIS Multitiner - Helping to restore and maintain playing surfaces all year round

I was amazed at just how good a job the Multitiner did when I first saw it. If clubs can keep their pitches aerated using this machine on a regular basis then their pitches will improve and help to keep the surface playable all season long.
Keith Kent - Head Pitch Advisor to RGC & former Head Groundsman RFU Twickenham


Dennis and SISIS Partner with Staffordshire FA

Dennis and SISIS partner with Staffordshire FA to support grassroots football


SISIS Quadraplay at Brentwood Rugby Football Club

The purchase of a SISIS Quadraplay and Multitiner drum type tractor mounted aerator has helped Brentwood Rugby Club in Essex achieve their best playing surface for nearly 30 years.


SISIS Flexicomb at Tottenham Hotspur FC

Tottenham Hotspur FC grounds manager Darren Baldwin talks to us about his use of a SISIS Flexicomb for the maintenance on their synthetic surfaces.

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