The Sisis Javelin machine is a specially designed tractor mounted vertical action aerator for use on both fine and outfield turf.

It can be used all year round due to the large selection of tines helping to break up compaction allowing water, air and nutrients to penetrate the root zone.

Consistent use helps to produce a surface that is less affected by the adversities of weather conditions leaving minimal disturbance.

Ideal for

Suitable for Football, Hockey and Rugby Suitable for Cricket Suitable for Golf Suitable for Local Authority Suitable for Contractors

Javelin Specification

Model:   Javelin

Code:   FS1256

Action:   Vertical

Working width:   1500mm (60")

Working depth:   127mm (5")

Tractor power requirement:   30hp minimum

Includes set of 10 non-air tines

Optional Items

Javelin & Javelin Aer-Aid 1500 Optional Items

Special tines (set of 10 tines)
127 x 10mm 'air tines' SETX10-F36948
127 x 10mm 'non air tines' SETX10-F36949
Optional rear pressure roller FS1115
Optional turf retainers FS1009

Optional Tines (20 or 30 per set)
127mm sold tine

set of 20 - SETX20-F31730
set of 30 - SETX30-F31730

127x7mm pencil tine

set of 20 - SETX20-F33965
set of 30 - SETX30-F33965

127x16mm hollow tine

set of 20 - SETX20-F31277
set of 30 - SETX30-F31277

114mm jumbo hollow tine

set of 20 - SETX20-F35967
set of 30 - SETX30-F35967

100x12.5mm hollow tine

set of 20 - SETX20-F36447
set of 30 - SETX30-F36447


Jim Struthers - Garden & Grounds Superintendent - Stirling University

"The Sisis Javelin was purchased for use on our golf course. However we now use it all around the university estate on all our sports surfaces. The wide choice of tines, low maintenance and high work rate are all great advantages."

Dennis Mowers