June Maintenance

Maintenance tasks for June

Keep cutting your pitch to maintain a good sward density. On newly established grass, it can be helpful to lightly roll the surface prior to cutting so that the mower's action does not pull the grass out. Make sure that your mower is set correctly so it cuts without tearing.

Soils can dry out quickly in June so make sure your irrigation systems are working properly because once soils become hydrophobic and dry patch sets in, you will find it very hard to get water back into the surface. Wetting agents can be used to ensure the pitch is wet uniformly, especially if your soil is prone to dry patch.

Keep brushing to keep air circulating around the base of the plant which is important to keep dew away from the plant in the morning and to control any disease outbreak. However, stop brushing briefly to allow new seedlings to germinate, particularly in thin areas where they are oversown.

When conditions are suitable, spike, but be flexibile. Surface spiking during a dry spell will assist any rain you do get, or water you put on yourself, move quickly and reach the new roots.

During the close season, pay attention to your goalposts and make sure they adhere to health and safety standards. Now is the perfect time to check them thoroughly. Don't think it is enough to just take them down and store them away - make sure they will be ready and fit for play next season.

Make sure other areas such as fences and dugouts are also given a thorough check.


Use a wetting agent to get a headstart on dry patch. Applying them while the soil is moist is better as a prevention than trying to cure when the soil is baked and hydrophobic.

You ought to be well into your feed programmes by now but regularly apply SeaAction seaweed and Biomass Sugar will help your plant

function, tolerate stress and its biology - indeed they are now essential. If you have a base foundation of granular feeds, liquids can be used to boost growth at a specific time, such as for any late-season competitions, or in between maintenance operations so you can stay in complete control of the plant.

Don't forget to check that your irrigation systems are all working correctly - if you haven't done so already.

Weeds, pests and diseases

There may be some red thread about at the moment but just feed this out with some nitrogen and don't feel the need to apply fungicide. Red thread is a superficial disease on the leaf and has no impact on the crown or kill the whole plant, such as michrodochium patch.

Dennis Mowers