The SISIS Megaslit is a tractor mounted deep slitting lawn aerator which gives deep, clean penetration ideal for large sports field maintenance and amenities. Suitable for maintenance of golf courses, football, soccer rugby and cricket pitches, it can also be used for lawns and gardens.

Aeration is crucial for improving drainage, reducing turf compacting, thatch build up and increasing the health of lawns and the Megaslit is an ideal tool for outstanding turf and lawn treatment.

The Megaslit achieves maximum underground cultivation due to the angle of the tines and spiral design of tine shaft assist penetration and its simple design requires little maintenance.

Ideal for

Suitable for Football, Hockey and Rugby Suitable for Cricket Suitable for Golf Suitable for Lawns Suitable for Local Authority Suitable for Contractors

Megaslit Specifications


Code:   FS0717

Working width:  2500mm (2.5m 100")

Working depth:  9" or 12"

Tractor power requirement:-  40hp

Includes:  Set of heavy duty tines (F35602)

Megaslit Features & Benefits

  • Choice of interchangeable slitting tines to suit different ground conditions.
  • The angle of the tines and spiral design of tine shaft assist penetration giving maximum underground cultivation with minimum surface disturbance.
  • Tine plates have a wide rim to reduce marking in soft or undulating conditions.
  • Safety guard is quickly removed for easy tine change.
  • Standard cat.1, 3-point linkage.
  • Simple design for low maintenance.
  • Requires minimum 40 hp unit

Optional Items

Megaslit Optional Items

Megaslit Optional Items

Floating rear roller.


Jim Struthers - Garden & Grounds Superintendent - Stirling University

"Over the years I have found that compaction is the biggest single factor that adversely affects sportsturf. I use the Sisis Megaslit on our golf course fairways and sportsfields. It is the most effective way of achieving fast consistent deep aeration without suface disruption."



SISIS Range of Slitters

The SISIS range of tractor mounted slitters are ideal on golf greens, tees and fairways and sportsfields.
Providing a clean slitting motion for root pruning, slicing fibre and controlling thatch with minimal
surface disturbance. The slitters are quick and efficient in operation.

Dennis Mowers