SISIS Auto Rotorake Attacks Thatch at Bloxham School

The SISIS Auto Rotorake working at BloxhamSchool
The SISIS Auto Rotorake working at BloxhamSchool

Glenn Davies, grounds manager at Bloxham School in Oxfordshire, has praised the SISIS Auto Rotorake MK5 in helping to remove thatch from the cricket squares and ornamental lawns.

 Located in a quiet village close to the historic city of Oxford, this excellent British boarding school is the ideal establishment to prepare 11-18 year olds for academic success and develop their skills in a range of sports and activities.

 Bloxham School offers superb boarding houses, classrooms and arts’ buildings and has exceptional sports facilities. As grounds manager, Glenn has approximately 70 acres of sports fields and open spaces which he has to care for along with four other full-time members of staff.

 With a wide variety of sports played at the school, Bloxham has a particularly long tradition in providing excellent facilities for cricket, and has produced a number of talented cricketers over the years. The school boasts three well maintained squares which are kept in pristine condition with the SISIS Auto Rotorake MK5. However, with standards exceptionally high at Bloxham, it is not just the sports pitches that receive dedicated care and attention.

 “We use the Auto Rotorake for refurbishment and to remove thatch from the cricket squares and ornamental lawns,” says Glenn. The ornamental lawns will receive a good deep scarifying in the autumn and a lighter one in the spring. With the cricket squares, we use the Rotorake for the renovations – so before we apply the top dressings in autumn and prior to pre-season rolling in the spring.”

 “The machine’s best feature is its reliability and the fact that you can put it into the ground to rip the thatch up and it will always power through it.”

 As Glenn says, the SISIS Auto Rotorake MK5 is a powerful self-propelled heavy duty scarifier designed for the removal and control of thatch on fine turf. It is ideally suited to a range of applications from sports field maintenance to lawns and amenities and features a number of benefits including:

 • Contra-rotating reel with specially designed tipped blades for clean, consistent cut and maximum thatch removal

• Alternative blades for light scarifying

 • Depth of cut adjustment control is mounted on the handle to enable depth to be set whilst moving forwards

 • User-friendly, operator presence controls designed for maximum operator safety

• Easy-fit collector box •

 6.5hp petrol engine with independent drive to wheels and reel

• Careful weight distribution, slick tyres and full differential ensure ease of turning and minimal surface marking

 Glenn, who insists on using only the finest turf maintenance equipment, believes that he could praise the SISIS Auto Rotorake MK5 to every groundsman he meets, but the simple fact is – the machine does the talking itself.

  “A lot of people will have the SISIS Auto Rotorake MK5 because of its reliability, durability and it is very good at ripping the thatch and getting the cricket squares down to the level that you require to play fast cricket on.”

 “The fact is, the machine speaks for itself - if you go into most groundsmen’s sheds, you will find a SISIS Rotorake in there and that speaks volumes for the machine.”

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