Dennis & Sisis Seminar Heads For Northampton

Following their recent highly successful series of bowling green maintenance seminars in teh north of England and western Scotland, Dennis and Sisis are pleased to announce their next Seminar will take place on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 in Northampton.
25 April 2012

Dennis & SISIS Turfcare Seminar A Success

The 2012 Dennis and Sisis Turf Care Seminar programme sailed into the Isle of Man with a very successful and well attended day at the Ballafletcher Sports Club. Dennis & Sisis were pleased with the event and their well proven format certainly drew in the crowds. Over 70 people attended the day which encompassed a mix of technical presentations and demonstrations ‘on the pitch'.
5 April 2012

SISIS at Ampleforth College

Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire is the largest private Catholic mixed boarding school in the UK, and is sometimes referred to as the “Catholic Eton”. It first opened in 1802 and is run by the Benedictine monks of Ampleforth Abbey, the Community of St.Laurence, who can trace their origins back nearly 1000 years to medieval Westminster.
28 February 2012

Spiker Slitter for ultra dwarf greens

Using the Spiker Slitter on our Ultra Dwarf greens has proved very successful, particularly during periods of high play. Ultra Dwarf grasses are dense so using a Spiker Slitter between regular aerating improves air and water exchange. With the Spiker Slitter and Twinplay set on my tractor I can do all 18 greens in 2-3 hours.
28 February 2012

50% reduction in fairway thatch at the cliffs communites

The Cliffs Communities, nestling at the foot of The Blue Ridge Mountains between North and South Carolina, offers the highest standards of luxury living combined with wonderful golf courses. The Cliffs at High Carolina will soon be home to the first Tiger Woods' designed golf course in the USA.
28 February 2012

The fields at Hillcrest High just better & better

The athletics facilities at Hillcrest High School in Simpsonville, SC, were built in the 1950's and are Bermuda, overseeded with perennial rye. The fields had never been verticut so a deep thatch layer had built up. With the level of play there was also considerable compaction.
28 February 2012

Sold on the spot!

It is always satisfying when a demonstration goes well - but we can't beat our experience at Golden Hills Country Club in Lexington, SC. Supt. Chad Berry was so impressed with the SISIS Multislit deep slicer on its prototype attachment frame for Cushman trucksters, that he bought (and paid for) the lot on the spot!
28 February 2012

SISIS Auto-Rotorake "Most effective treatment"

Five years ago SISIS North America was delighted to supply an Auto-Rotorake to the University of Florida. The Auto-Rotorake fitted with the verticutting reel was the only de-thatcher used for a research project into UltraDwarf grasses. The Auto-Rotorake has proved very reliable over the length of the project and was found to be the most effective treatment for the removal and control of the build-up of excess organic matter.
28 February 2012

New export sales manager

SISIS Equipment (Macclesfield) Limited are delighted to announce the appointment of Ewen WIlson as their Exports Sales Manager. Ewen has worked for the Company for 26 years as their demonstrator in Scotland and Northern Ireland and, in addition, has undertaken many demonstration trips overseas.
28 February 2012

Pocklington School

The SISIS Flexicomb has 60 sets of polypropylene bristles which can be made stiffer or softer by adjusting the crossbar. On synthetic surfaces the Flexicomb ensures even distribution of infill material and lifts the pile. The Flexicomb is very effective on natural turf and can, depending on the chosen setting, be used as a brush or as a rake.
28 February 2012

Demo day for French dealers

The Solvert sales staff were instructed on the correct operation of a range of machines and also the features and benefits. Amongst the machines were a number of new or recent introductions including the SISIS Arrow-AerAid pedestrian aerator; the Rotorake 602S with seeder option and also the towed implement frame with attachments for synthetic pitches.
28 February 2012

Next 'leg' for Dennis and SISIS seminar is Manx bound

Dennis and SISIS are taking to the road again with their successful seminar format. This time they're giving groundsmen and greenkeepers on the Isle of Man an opportunity to attend a Turf Care Seminar at Ballafletcher Sports Club on Wednesday 21st March.
27 February 2012

SISIS Variseeder offers fast, accurate overseeding

The SISIS Variseeder incorporates a studded roller which creates an excellent seed bed for optimum germination, in effect creating thousands of little ‘plant pots' to receive the grass seed which is broadcast simultaneously. The use of the studded roller means that overseeding can be carried out without interruption to play.
20 February 2012

Bowls International Product Information (SISIS)

The Rotorake 450 is a 46cm (18”) wide Pedestrian Scarifier with choice of reels for year-round use, enabling key maintenance tasks such as thatch removal, brushing, cleaning, verti cutting and light aeration to be carried out. The removal and control of thatch on fine turf is effected by a contra-rotating reel having blades spaced at 1.8cm (3/4in) for a clean consistent cut.
20 February 2012

SISIS Rosca keeps state of the art synthetic pitch playing perfectly

A new 3G sports surface has given a tremendous boost to students at Brookfield Community College near Chesterfield, Derbyshire and to the community as a whole. The FIFA one star Domo Sports Grass surface was part-funded by the Football Foundation and completed last summer.
20 February 2012

The SISIS Javelin leads the field for versatility

The Javelin Aer-Aid 1500 from SISIS is one such machine. However, it differs from others in that it not only aerates with a vertical action, but also injects air into the root zone at a fast working rate, creating thousands of fissures. The cam trigger mechanism ensures that the air is always expelled at the bottom of the tine penetration, enabling treatment to be targeted precisely and consistently.
20 February 2012

SISIS scarifier multitasks to improve playing surfaces

Powered by a 6.5hp petrol engine, it has independent drive to both the wheels and the reel. It has a working width of 50cm (20ins) and exhibits a complete ease of turning, with minimal surface marking, due to careful weight distribution; slick tyres and a full differential.
20 February 2012

SISIS Rosca helps to keep synthetic playing surfaces to perfection

There is a need to avoid cross contamination when carrying out a maintenance regime on a synthetic surface. This can often occur if an existing ride-on is used to tow brushes that have both been previously used on a natural grass pitch. Not only is this mandatory to maintain FIFA accreditation, but also common sense.
20 February 2012

Routine maintenance with a SISIS Rosca

The need for a routine maintenance regime to get the best out of a synthetic surface, and to prolong its life, is a must. However, to fulfil an FIFA accreditation for a synthetic pitch it is important to avoid cross contamination, which could occur if you use an existing ride-on to tow a brush. A dedicated machine should be specified such as a sisis Rosca ride-on brush system.
20 February 2012

Dennis and SISIS - A combined force at Saltex

After a break of several years, the full range of SISIS products can once again be seen at Saltex 2011, this year being featured alongside Dennis Mowers. Their combined display will cover a significantly larger stand, together with a demonstration area to enable visitors to fully appreciate the two companies' customer-focused products.
20 February 2012

Dennis Mowers