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SISIS Variseeder for Fine Turfs

The SISIS Variseeder is a versatile easy to use tractor mounted seeder with a variable seeding rate ideal for sports field maintenance, golf course maintenance and for use on lawns and amenities.

It has a fast work rate, is low maintenance with few wearing parts and enables overseeding to be carried without taking ground out of play.


SISIS Supaturfman for Fine Turfs

The SISIS Supaturfman is an independently powered heavy duty aerator for sports field maintenance, grass lawns and amenities. It is ideal for maintenance of fine turf.

It has a maximum working depth of 10cm (4 inches) and a choice of interchangeable tines to provide excellent lawn care when aeration is needed.


SISIS Multitiner MT4 for Fine Turfs

The SISIS Multitiner 1.2m is a tractor mounted drum-type aerator for use on fine turf and sports fields, and it is well suited to a range of applications from sports field maintenance to lawns and amenities.

Effective aeration improves drainage, reduces turf compacting, thatch build up and boosts the health of lawns and the Multitiner 1.2m is an ideal tool to provide top class lawn treatment.


SISIS Dart for Fine Turfs

A demonstration of the Sisis Dart - an ideal tool for fine turf maintenance.

The SISIS Dart is an independently powered vertical action aerator ideal for sports field maintenance as well as grass lawns and fine turf.

Aeration is crucial for improving drainage, reducing turf compacting, thatch build up and increasing the health of lawns and the Dart is an ideal tool for outstanding turf and lawn treatment.

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