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SISIS Variseeder for Football

It has a fast work rate, is low maintenance with few wearing parts and enables overseeding to be carried without taking ground out of play. This grass seeder adaptable and can be used on a variety of sports fields as well football pitches. It can also be used as a lawn seeder. Its studded roller creates a seed bed and it comes with a storage trolley.


SISIS Rotorake TM 1000 for Football

A demonstration of the Sisis Rotorake TM1000 - an ideal tool for football pitch maintenance.

Scarification is important as it encourages germination and the Rotorake TM1000 is an excellent tool for your scarifying needs including removal of lawn thatch to provide excellent lawn treatment.


SISIS Multitiner MT4 for Football

The SISIS Multitiner 1.2m is a tractor mounted drum-type aerator for use on fine turf and sports fields, and it is well suited to a range of applications from sports field maintenance such as football grounds to rugby pitches.

It has three drums with independent rotation and is low maintenance and its interchangeable tines with a maximum depth of 100mm ensuring excellent lawn care when the time comes to aerate.

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