The Varibrush model has a multiple brushing action to allow maintenance to be completed with fewer passes therefore reducing compaction.

Designed for fast effective brushing, the Varibrush has four rows of brushes to maximise efficiency.

It is essential to brush a synthetic surface on a regular basis in different directions to keep the infill mobile and to maintain consistent levels throughout the pitch.

The multiple brushing action of the Varibrush allows the required maintenance to be carried out with fewer passes, therefore reducing compaction.

A choice of three mounting options are available for the Varibrush ensuring it can be used on a variety of vehicles.

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Ideal for

Suitable for Football, Hockey and Rugby Suitable for Cricket Suitable for Golf Suitable for Local Authority Suitable for Contractors

Varibrush Specifications


With 3 point linkage mounting frame - FS1029B

With manual lift towing frame & ball hitch - FS1024B

With electric lift towing frame & ball hitch - FS1027B

Units are complete with wheels

Working width: 1850mm (74")

Minimum tractor requirement: 18hp mounted - 12hp towed

Varibrush Features & Benefits

  • Multiple brushing action means fewer passes required and therefore reduced compaction
  • Easy to handle and attach system
  • Adjustable drawbar for towing height and length
  • Reversible frame to allow for brush wear
  • Can be used to brush top dressings into surfaces quickly and evenly preventing excess material being left on the surface
  • Helps to maintain consistent infill levels throughout the pitch


Alan Ashby - Head Groundsman - Elizabeth Woodvilles School

"Brushing is essential. Both to keep the pitches clean and tidy and to stand the carpet up. With our SISIS Varibrush the pitches look brand new once they have been brushed."

Kevin Whorley - Head Groundsman - Ashville College

"We use the Varibrush to remove the early morning dew, stand grasses up prior to cutting and aid with the presentation of the college sports grounds and lawns."



SISIS Varibrush for Synthetic Turf

A demonstration video of the SISIS Varibrush used for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance. The SISIS Varibrush is a tractor mounted multiple-action brush which is effective on natural turf and synthetic turf and is suitable for a wide range of applications from sports field, artificia and synthetic turf to amenities and lawns.

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