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Whether you require golf green scarifiers, turf equipment or tractor mounted top dressers, SISIS have built an enviable reputation for supplying high quality reliable machines.

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Bob Streeton - Head Groundsman - Massey Ferguson Sports Club

"The Maxislit I have will last 20 years as it's so well made. I have enjoyed an excellent relationship with SISIS over the years and know I can rely on them for parts, sevice and support."

Tony Taylor - Greenkeeper - Goodwood Bowls Club

"The Dart does a great job in renovating and preparing the green. SISIS have been very good to work with and provided us with excellent service. All in all we are extremely pleased with the Dart."


A small selection of our clients are detailed below:

Lord's Cricket Ground (Marylebone Cricket Club) Rotorake 602
Manchester United Football Club Javelin Aer-Aid
Manchester City Football Club Litamina 1200
University of Warwick Robbi

Please use the form below to register your interest in visiting us at one of the major exhibitions we attend each year. Please also let us know if you wish to book an appointment with us. Details of previous exhibitions can be found by clicking here.


Built with experience.....

The SISIS reputation began in 1932 and has grown ever since. Our reputation is built not only on the quality of our products and high level of customer service but also on our customer focused approach to everything we set out to achieve.

Access to all the information you need....

The SISIS website is a constantly evolving source of useful and practical information for SISIS equipment users. You can watch videos of machines in action, learn valuable tips about turf maintenance and download operating manuals on all products at your convenience- any time, any day.

Team SISIS.....

An experienced team of dedicated professionals and a carefully selected network of dealerships are on hand to ensure customers receive first class support including machine service, spare parts, technical support and product demonstrations.
Whatever you need, Team SISIS will always be there to help.

Next day spare parts....

At SISIS we understand the importance of reducing machine downtime so we carry a vast stock of spares.

Sharing Knowledge with experts.....

The SISIS seminars are popular events attracting large number of delegates all benefitting from authoritative product demonstrations and guest speakers talking about closely related areas of interest. The seminars provide a unique opportunity to share experiences and best practice.

SISIS Worldwide....

We don’t just have the privilege of supplying groundcare equipment to sporting venues in Britain. We also supply around the world, proud of our quality and craftsmanship.

Football Products

Golf Products

Synthetic Products

Powered Scarifiers

Powered Scarifiers

The SISIS Auto Rotorake Mk.5 and Sisis Rotorake 450 are versatile powered scarifiers that are ideal for key artificial and synthetic pitch maintenance tasks.

Tractor Mounted Sweepers

Tractor Mounted Sweepers

The SISIS Litamina 1200 and SSS1000 are the ideal sweepers for artificial and synthetic turf. The Litamina is a compact sweeper/collector which ensures your sports pitch is ready for play while the SSS1000 is a rotary brush for use on artificial turf surfaces to remove debris.

Implement Frames

Implement Frames

The SISIS Towed Implement Frame is designed specifically for daily maintenance fo artificial surfaces, keeping it in good playing condition and maximising surface life. Ideal for towing behind small compact garden tractors.

Implement Mounted Frames

Implement Mounted Frames

Single pass maintenance system which accepts a variety of implements for use on both turf and hard porous surfaces. Up to four operations can be carried out simultaneously with this simple and versatile system.

Osca - Tractor Mounted Powered Brush

Tractor Mounted Powered Brushes

The SISIS Osca 3 is a tractor mounted oscillating brush that is equally effective on natural and synthetic turf. This means it is ideally suited for a range of requirements from artificial pitches to sports fields, cricket grounds, golf courses as well as amenity and ornamental lawn care.

Tractor Mounted Brushes

Tractor Mounted Brushes

The versatility of Sisis tractor-mounted brushes Flexibrush and Varibrush means they are an ideal tool for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance.

SISIS Brush Pro Ride On Brush System

Ride On Brush System

The SISIS ride-on brush system Brush-Pro comprises mid-mounted oscillating brush units and rear-mounted brushes which are ideal for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance.

SISIS Hand Tools - Drag Brush, Drag Mat, Truspred

Hand Tools

The wide range of Sisis hand operated tools will enable you to effectively maintain your artificial or synthetic pitch, with our range of brushes which are ideal for keeping playing surfaces ready for action at all times.

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